Hosting of marriage reception in five star hotels in India

Published: 22nd February 2011
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Want to host a marriage reception at one of the top five star hotels in India? So, you want a completely hassle-free marriage without your involvement or interference and expect the ceremony to be remembered for a lifetime! Right from concept to commissioning including suggestion of themes, many five star hotels in India no matter whether it is Mumbai hotels or Delhi hotels, offer all to the host’s convenience. You only need to choose the theme suggested and choose the menu; the complete activities are not your headache. Depending on the city you reside, you can choose one. For example, if you stay in Delhi, opt for one of the best Delhi hotels and for Mumbai, do go for one of the finest Mumbai hotels. You will not regret! Of course, you will have to spend a few bucks extra, a little more than what you may spend if you host the reception at a marriage hall but the limitless hospitality and the world class facilities and services can be availed only in five star hotels.

India’s culture and diversity is best exhibited in the wedding ceremonies specific to different caste and creed. For instance, the rituals followed in a Punjabi marriage ceremony are different to that of a Manipuri marriage ceremony. But one thing is common in all the marriages – hospitality. It is the hospitality offered to the guests that has been often spoken volume by travelers and marriage ceremonies are no exception. All five star hotels in India, encompassing Delhi hotels, Mumbai hotels, and hotels in other cities do lay prime emphasis on the hospitality aspect.

India witnesses both business and leisure tourists in huge numbers round the year. And natives staying in one part do prefer exploring the other parts of the country – India has so many sight seeing attractions to offer. It will take one a lifetime to explore the complete country in detail. Vacationing today is no longer an expensive affair. You can get cheap flights tickets and cheap deals in any Hotels in India.

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